Friday, November 13, 2009

My first exhibition - A dream come true

I always wanted to display my quilling works. And I finally got a chance here in Singapore. I had participated in the MAAD (Market for artists and designers) at the Red dot Museum.
The preparation started as soon as I got approval email from the organizer.
It was the first time I was participating in such a event and that too in a new country. I had no idea as to what people here would like. Hence I decided to make 10-15 items of each type.
Here's the list of items I had -
1) Greeting cards - 2 sizes
2) Photo frames
3) Fridge magnets
4) Earrings
5) Paper Clips
6) Bookmarks

After hard work of 2 weeks and help from my dear husband and in laws, I was all ready and excited.
Below are the pictures of the event.
Day 1 - Setup

Day 2 - Setup

It was a dream come true and it came true only because of persuasion and continuous encouragement from my husband. Without it, I would have been wasting my vacation playing farmville on facebook :)

I will post detailed photos of my artifacts and my experience and leanings in my subsequent posts.
Till then, Keep Watching :)


EC said...

Hey, must be feeling great and satisfied about displaying ur work and getting the much needed encouragement and appreciation..

Gene and Charli said...

Very nice work. Congratulations. We're very impressed with both your work and your blog. We did a review of your blog and it's posted at our site We both look forward to seeing more of your work!

swarnamanoj said...

u have inspried me a lot..
i will try to start my quillin works.. which i had to stop after delivery

Priyadarshini Deshpande said...

Hi Swarna,

Nice to know that. Hoping to see your work soon.

vidu said...

it sounds so exciting... congrats :).. m also a filigree enthusiast... n m yet to even post my work..
ur works (esp the diyas n butterflies) are absoluetly amazin....may i know what paint materials u use for diyas n how u make d butterflies so symmetrical..

keep up d gud work...
Vidu :)

Quill Centre said...


You look like you have your act together displaying your work. I have been displaying and participating in shows for 5 years now. One hint on a setup feature that works well. Try to elevate the ends of your table (space will dictate) or at least one end. This will draw folks into your area and they will linger and look more. Best wishes. Fran