Friday, November 13, 2009

My first exhibition - A dream come true

I always wanted to display my quilling works. And I finally got a chance here in Singapore. I had participated in the MAAD (Market for artists and designers) at the Red dot Museum.
The preparation started as soon as I got approval email from the organizer.
It was the first time I was participating in such a event and that too in a new country. I had no idea as to what people here would like. Hence I decided to make 10-15 items of each type.
Here's the list of items I had -
1) Greeting cards - 2 sizes
2) Photo frames
3) Fridge magnets
4) Earrings
5) Paper Clips
6) Bookmarks

After hard work of 2 weeks and help from my dear husband and in laws, I was all ready and excited.
Below are the pictures of the event.
Day 1 - Setup

Day 2 - Setup

It was a dream come true and it came true only because of persuasion and continuous encouragement from my husband. Without it, I would have been wasting my vacation playing farmville on facebook :)

I will post detailed photos of my artifacts and my experience and leanings in my subsequent posts.
Till then, Keep Watching :)